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Established in 2005, AriVan Research LLC (AVR) is a specialized consulting firm that works closely with biopharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies, medical device manufacturers, and other clients to support business development, commercialization and R&D activities. Our expertise involves conducting in-depth primary research with KOLs, clinical investigators, healthcare company personnel, payers, and other industry sources to address important business- and scientific-related questions and issues. A thorough analysis of secondary and/or audit data is often completed as well. From there, our highly-experienced group of MBAs, MDs & PharmDs analyzes the information to provide rational and insightful recommendations.

In fact, the combination of exhaustive primary research methodologies, thorough secondary data analysis, and in-depth yet compelling insights by experienced industry professionals distinguishes us from many other consulting firms.

AriVan Research LLC ’s ultimate goal: Provide critical information and compelling insights to ensure our clients’ success in the marketplace!

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